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Stop Snoring

Snoring can be very painful for your partner and so embarrassing for you!

You can purchase this clinically proven anti-snoring product and no longer worry about snoring through the night, feel tired the next day and wake up their significant other!

SnoreStopper is a simple device made from soft rubber – a bit like a gumshield – that is placed in the mouth. It works in a unique way to hold the lower jaw in a forward position which allows airways to open up. Once SnoreStopper has been worn at least once, it custom fits the users mouth.



In a recent UK survey complained incredible 70% of couples that snoring of a partner a “burden on their relationship and health” constitutes. 59% of couples said rather that the snoring of her partner she was so angry that she could not fall asleep without arguing. records read.

Separate rooms
Another poll in Scotland showed that more couples than ever sleep in separate rooms. The Slumberdown investigation documented that nearly 15 million Britons in their sleep snore and that 25% say that snoring had ruined her sex life. Every tenth person has even DIVORCE contemplated. In another survey of the mattress store Sleepy Mattress snoring reached number one on a list of the worst sleeping habits of newlyweds. Read receipts.

Does that sound like you?
Sleep separate from your partner or spouse? Look with grief back to times when things were different? As you have shared the same bed and woke up together?

Maybe you have given up hope of ever regain that closeness.

  • Does not need surgery
  • Is completely safe
  • Helps with grinding of teeth